In Acts 6, Deacons were installed to assist the ministry of the Gospel by mobilizing the body toward mercy ministry. Deacons are elected by the church, undergo formal training and are interviewed by the ruling elders. The role of Deacons in the church is to serve the congregation in its physical needs and to encourage the congregation to love and provide good deeds for others in need.

Please let us know if you or someone you know needs our attention. Here are some ways we have been supporting the church:

  • Prayer: Sundays after service meet members of our diaconal and our prayer leader so we can pray for you
  • Deeds: Meals-on-Wheels, Moving, Child-care
  • Mercy: Our Mercy Ministry Fund provides financial assistance to people in need.
    If you or someone you know has a practical or financial need, please complete the request form. Each request is reviewed by a diaconal panel and followed up personally by a diaconate member.

Deacons/Deaconess: Brian Kim, Stella Han, Jen Ko Lee, Hopiy Kim, Jen Lee, John Lee, Will Lee, Sarah A. Kim, Sung Lee, Jin Moon

Deacons/Deaconess-in-training: Sarah C. Kim, Min Kim, Helen Lee, Seraiah Kutai, Jessica Moon