8/1/2017 – Esther Kutai

About a month ago, Chris wrote an article where he encouraged us to join the men’s or women’s groups this summer. This, he said, can help us grow as disciples. I will tell a story about myself and how growth group helped me in my spiritual growth. The church I attended in Nigeria had house cells (home groups). All the church members were supposed to plug into the one closest to where they lived. And, for instance, if I did not show up at a meeting on a Sunday evening, the person closest to my house was required to check on me before he or she went home. Cell phones? Nope. We did not have cell phones then. And the church member that stopped to check on me will report to the cell leader of his or her findings. It was a challenge for me to attend the meetings. I hated it when someone knocked on my door at night. I did not know most of the people in my group. Those that I knew, I did not like. But things changed when I started attending the program faithfully. By the grace of God, that kept me in check and to change some of my ways. It helped to bring me to my senses. I am forever grateful for the cell group and the members whose love for the body of Christ helped me to return home. Fellowshipping with one another will help us grow spiritually. The summer is not yet over, plug in.

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