7/18/2017 – Chris McNerney

God could have chosen to speak to us any way he wanted. He is God and we are not. He could have left us a series of statements about himself: I am good, I love you, trust me. Yet, when we read the Bible we do not see a collection of propositions about God. Instead, we find tons of stories and poetry. This reality, that God has chosen to reveal himself through metaphor has been one of the central tenets being taught by Dr. Iain Duguid while we are in Japan. Why does God reveal himself through beautiful imagery, when a statement of facts was also an option available to Him? Well, one powerful reason is the power of metaphor to captivate our imagination and bring abstract ideas home. This past Sunday, Jenn and I witnessed first hand the power of poetry (when it is God’s Word to us) as our professor preached two different sermons from the Psalms. As we heard Psalm 23 preached, the image of a shepherd caring for his sheep, an image that would have been a powerful one for an agrarian culture in the Middle East over 2000 years ago, we saw it remains just as powerful and relevant today. As we sat and heard God’s Word preached, we witnessed firsthand the power of poetry to communicate God’s love and care for His people. Across centuries, across cultures, across gender and ages, God’s Word remains powerfully clear and pierces our hearts, because of HOW God chose to speak to us. Praise God for loving us, praise God for His wonderful poetry, praise God for sending His Holy Spirit to make these truths real to our hearts and minds.

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