7/4/2017 – Chris McNerney

About three months ago a friend from Gracepoint reached out to me and asked if I was willing to join him for breakfast. It was unexpected. He is not someone I frequently see at church. Part of me was concerned something serious might be wrong and he needed to talk to someone about it quickly. But when I arrived that morning to share a meal, the exact opposite was in fact the case. Instead, we spent a couple of hours talking about our lives and praying for one another. Now, three months later this has become a regular occurrence. Our conversations still include family updates, but have gone on to include areas of struggle we pray for, what we have been learning in our time in scripture or devotional reading and what we have been trying to apply to our hearts in light of the sermons being preached. What began as a casual breakfast, has now become a time of intentional discipleship. God has made us for community. The first time He says it is NOT GOOD is when he notes Adam is without a suitable partner in Eden. Jesus, began his ministry by calling 12 men to follow him. During their three years together, He taught them, they watched him, they prayed together and they served. We are called to do the same. Are you walking alongside a brother or sister and intentionally using that time to grow as a disciple? As the summer is in full swing, consider coming out for the men’s and women’s groups. They are one way of starting on the path of discipleship we are called to as followers of Christ.

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