6/20/2017 – Wonmin Kim

Twas Grace that Taught my Heart to FEAR. The women are beginning a book called, From Fear to Freedom. One of the wise women said that the title was confusing because she always thought that freedom led us to fear. Another wise woman asked me what it meant to fear the Lord and thought that sounded perplexing.

Here is what we learned. Click the link below to read more. (Good idea to read it all!) “The servile fear is a kind of fear that a prisoner in a torture chamber has for his tormentor, the jailer, or the executioner. It’s that kind of dreadful anxiety in which someone is frightened by the clear and present danger that is represented by another person. Or it’s the kind of fear that a slave would have at the hands of a malicious master who would come with the whip and torment the slave. Servile refers to a posture of servitude toward a malevolent owner. Luther distinguished between that and what he called filial fear, drawing from the Latin concept from which we get the idea of family. It refers to the fear that a child has for his father. In this regard, Luther is thinking of a child who has tremendous respect and love for his father or mother and who dearly wants to please them. He has a fear or an anxiety of offending the one he loves, not because he’s afraid of torture or even of punishment, but rather because he’s afraid of displeasing the one who is, in that child’s world, the source of security and love. (http://www.ligonier.org/learn/qas/throughout-bible-we-are-told-fear-god-what-does-me/)

If this is an area you would like to grow in please study, Lord I Want to Know you by Kay Arthur to grow in the knowledge of who God is. If you know his names,you will grow in the true Fear of the Lord. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” -Proverbs 18:10

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