6/13/2017- Chris McNerney

Roman 1:19 “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them”


Last week, the irreverent comedian Sarah Silverman appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote her new comedy special. It was the first time she had seen Kimmel since he disclosed his son’s heart condition to the world in one of the most moving opening monologues in recent history. Before saying anything, Silverman in a rare moment of complete seriousness said she was glad his son was alive and then followed by saying,“I prayed to the God I do not believe in.” Two weeks ago, Bill Maher made news headlines for using the N-word while interviewing a senator on his show REAL TIME. Last week was marked by public outcries to have him fired. People were curious what he would say this past Friday to try and repair his reputation. Within the first ten minutes of the episode he said not once, but twice that he was a “sinner” and asked for forgiveness. Maher is one of the most vocal atheists in popular culture. He even made a documentary mocking Christians called Religulous. Silverman and Maher frequently deny the existence of God, yet found themselves referring to him in public. Why? Well, Romans 1 helps us understand the life-experiences of many self-proclaimed atheists. In the end there really is no such thing as atheism, just people who prefer living as if there isn’t a God who has authority over their lives. This is more than understandable. It is a weighty thing to know there is a holy and perfect God who knows all that you think and do, and to whom you live in opposition. But, in the end denying God exists doesn’t change the fact that even the most ardent atheist knows in their heart that He is real.So why does this matter to the average Christian? Well, we are often intimidated about dialoguing with non-believers for fear they will never understand us. But, if deep down everyone knows God is real, we can share our experiences with confidence knowing that deep down even the harshest critic of God knows that what we say is true. So the next time you convince yourself not to talk to someone about God, remember they know Him too.

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