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5/30/2017 – Esther Kutai

by Thomas Chang

Even in His Silence There are times when God seems not to be there with you, not to help you, not to give you the right words when you think you need them most, not to guard or guide you… and you feel all alone. Scared. Angry. Confused. I, sometimes, feel like God has left […]

5/23/2017 – Chris McNerney

by Thomas Chang

“They went after false idols and became false…” 2 Kings 17:15a In the Book of Kings we read that God finally hands the land of Israel and its people into captivity to Assyria. In 2 Kings 17, there is a devastating description of why God, who loved Israel and rescued them from slavery, would finally […]

5/16/2017 – Wonmin Kim

by Thomas Chang

“Projections of strength can be heart rotting. Chasing things that aren’t life-giving leaves us feeling hollowed-out or empty.” I heard that this morning and it’s sooooo true. Aren’t we all big messes? The best lives are those covered by grace and a humble heart that knows how truly needy we are. I am so thankful […]

5/9/2017 – Wonmin Kim

by Thomas Chang

When you read the title, does it bother you at all? No one wants to be known as“ordinary.” I was recently on a road trip and one of the games we played on one of our 13 hour drives was the question game. It’s truth or dare with no dares. My friend asked me,“How would […]

5/2/2017 – Tom Chang

by Thomas Chang

Exodus 4:10-12 I can still remember my first time speaking in public. I had just returned from a missions trip and had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of youth students about my experience in Africa. And although I’d love to say I captivated the crowd, was super eloquent and had everyone cheering […]