4/4/2017 – Wonmin Kim

Did you take time to think upon the “manna principle?”

Do you think maybe this generation gets bored too quickly of gifts rather than enjoying them forever? A good gift of a spouse – is it easy to get critical, bitter and angry and forget to see them as gifts but become demanding and expectant? A good gift of a toy (i.e. food, phone, games, media, etc) – is it easy to unintentionally give them more value than they are worth or get bored and want something better? Teaching/education – is it easy to get use to the rich food provided by those who teach and serve rather than recognizing that it is a treasure that many long for until they have it regularly and take it for granted?

Why do we always want something and call it a need? What do we actually need? What do we want? How do we respond to waiting or the answer of NO to a gift we asked for but don’t get? If it is a gift then should we be grateful if we get it and isn’t it wrong to be angry for not getting something that was never our right to have?

Just some thoughts of why we are grumbly in our hearts…..rather than overflowing with gratitude and joy.

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