3/28/2017 – Tom Chang

Mark 4:26-29

As a child, I always grew up with older friends. Thus, I always wanted things immediately instead of waiting for them. At amusement parks, I wanted to go on certain rides but I wasn’t tall enough. Before I was a teenager, I wanted to watch PG-13 movies. As a freshman, I wanted to drive to school like the upper classmen. And as a senior, I wanted to go to bars and clubs but was not 21 yet. And although I still struggle with things I want right now instead of waiting, one thing I realized is, timing is everything (especially in terms of the processes of God). The bible tells us, first the seed of God’s will is placed in the ground of faith. Second, although it seems like nothing is happening, surely like all the flowers around us that God’s plan is at work and growing. And finally, in His wise and perfect timing, God promises that we will see much fruit! And this is important to understand because many times when we pray (e.g. our schooling, work, finances, addictions, health, marriage, and church) doesn’t it feel like nothing is happening and that nothing will change? However friends, His good Word tells us not to be anxious about anything but as we pray to God to find comfort in Cross. Just as Jesus did all the work in order to bless us, all we need to do is remain faithful. And as the will of God begins to unfold, surely we will begin to see and receive his blessings. Therefore Gracepoint, remember: timing is everything! And just as our children, church, and even nature grows without us noticing, let us find confidence in the invisible hands of God that are constantly at work in our life!

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