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4/26/2017 – Chris McNerney

by Thomas Chang

The Bible constantly reminds us that we are to forgive our enemies. One powerful example of this occurs in the book of 1 Samuel when Saul is pursuing David in order to kill him. On one particular occasion, Saul is relieving himself in a cave and David can easily kill him. Instead, David makes himself […]

4/18/2017 – Esther Kutai

by Thomas Chang

We’ve got the power! As human beings, we are all prone to be tempted. Sin comes knocking at the doors of our hearts insisting that we open the door for it to come in. Sin can be so tenaciously persistent (as in the cases of Cain in Genesis 4 and Mrs. Potiphar in Genesis 41) […]

4/11/2017 – Wonmin Kim

by Thomas Chang

What can we do to overflow with gratitude and joy? We need WHAT? We need it even though we don’t exactly know what it is. How do we get it? We go to God? How? Meditating on the Word as we meet with Him and ask Him for it and as we take communion and […]

4/4/2017 – Wonmin Kim

by Thomas Chang

Did you take time to think upon the “manna principle?” Do you think maybe this generation gets bored too quickly of gifts rather than enjoying them forever? A good gift of a spouse – is it easy to get critical, bitter and angry and forget to see them as gifts but become demanding and expectant? […]

3/28/2017 – Tom Chang

by Thomas Chang

Mark 4:26-29 As a child, I always grew up with older friends. Thus, I always wanted things immediately instead of waiting for them. At amusement parks, I wanted to go on certain rides but I wasn’t tall enough. Before I was a teenager, I wanted to watch PG-13 movies. As a freshman, I wanted to […]

3/21/2017 – Chris McNerney

by Thomas Chang

During the Reformation, Martin Luther struggled with the question of the sacraments. Having been a Catholic monk, he had been trained to practice 7 sacraments, but as he studied scripture and developed his thinking about what the sacraments truly communicate he ended up only retaining 2 of the 7: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. But, […]