5/23/2017 – Chris McNerney

“They went after false idols and became false…” 2 Kings 17:15a

In the Book of Kings we read that God finally hands the land of Israel and its people into captivity to Assyria. In 2 Kings 17, there is a devastating description of why God, who loved Israel and rescued them from slavery, would finally hand them over to their enemies. They became false. Different authors have said it in different ways,“you are what you love,” “we become what we worship,” but the Bible puts it like this,“they became false…” During the course of our days are we in the process of becoming more human and more like Jesus or are we becoming more “false” and like the idols of our hearts? Because false gods are not real, they will never provide for our needs in the long run. We will only continue to be filled with a longing that can only be satisfied by God. Do we pray each day that God would smash our idols, while increasing our love for Him? In the end that is in fact the only way. In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses warns the people they will one day end up in exile. He doesn’t say,“If you break these commandments,” he says,“When you break these commandments.” But then he says that God will rescue them. But will that rescue change them? No! What will change them is when God circumcises their hearts. It takes God to change our hearts and make us new people. Only then can we stop worshipping false idols. If you are a Christian,you have already been given that new heart. If you are a Christian, the power of sin has already been defeated. Therefore, while we are still tempted daily, God gives us the strength to turn away, not becoming false, but becoming more like his Son. So this day, pray that the Spirit would lead you down the true path, and while you walk it smash the idols strewn about on your path.

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