4/26/2017 – Chris McNerney

The Bible constantly reminds us that we are to forgive our enemies. One powerful example of this occurs in the book of 1 Samuel when Saul is pursuing David in order to kill him. On one particular occasion, Saul is relieving himself in a cave and David can easily kill him. Instead, David makes himself known and attempts to reconcile with Saul. The King quickly repents (though he will again pursue David to kill him), but he also knows that his time as King is short. As he stands before the King who is to come, he asks that David care for his family and preserve their lives after he is gone. Could you imagine?! Here is someone trying to kill an innocent man, and he then has the audacity to ask for a favor. Do we ever forgive like David? Instead of caring for our enemies, we often think like Michael Corleone, who openly promises to do good to people, and behind closed doors plots their execution. But we have such a more powerful example than David. As Christians, we know that Jesus forgave his killers while he was suffocating on the cross. He looked upon them with compassion and asked God to show them mercy. We often think we deserve mercy from God, but apart from Christ we actually only deserve his judgment. How amazing it is that God chose to make a way for us to be forgiven! As a people reconciled to God, let us be gracious and forgiving to one another. What a powerful witness to the unbelieving world, when people love and forgive one another after being wronged. Let us strive to be like David, but lean on the grace of Christ as we struggle to practice forgiveness in our daily lives.

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