4/18/2017 – Esther Kutai

We’ve got the power!

As human beings, we are all prone to be tempted. Sin comes knocking at the doors of our hearts insisting that we open the door for it to come in. Sin can be so tenaciously persistent (as in the cases of Cain in Genesis 4 and Mrs. Potiphar in Genesis 41) that one might feel that it is better to yield to the temptation and sin than to deal with its pressure and resist it. Yielding to temptation leads us away from God.

We’ve got the power in Jesus Christ to resist temptation. Jesus Christ overcame sin and has given us the confidence to face sin (Hebrews 4:15-16). Sin also crouched at the door of His heart desiring to have Him but he resisted it. As children of God, we have the power to resist sin. May the Holy Spirit continue to remind us of who we are in Christ Jesus and the power we have in Him. May our focus be on the crown of life which God has promised to us who love Him.

We’ve got the power to resist temptation!

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